The demand for auto insurances has taken a steep rise in the present centuries with a huge market value totalling trillions of dollars globally. All this money to protect the valuable day to day utility machines in case of any unwanted damages or accidents. Presently each and every valuable piece of an asset belonging to an individual or a group gets insured because of the benefits an insurance bond provides in the event of something unpleasant.

Insurance companies can be dated back to almost 1666 when a man named Nicolas Barbon started an insurance company after almost 30,000 homes were burned down in London because of a fire which left a lot of people helpless. It later was divided into various segments one of which is auto insurance. Later on, Benjamin Franklin helped popularise and make standard the practice of insurance in 1752.

  • Ever since the way insurance has popularised and been marketed, it has changed the face of the industry.
  • The most drastic change not only for insurance companies but also for each and every popular company globally has happened with the invention of the internet.
  • How auto insurance companies used to market and look for clients themselves a few years ago has completely changed with the advancement of technology.
  • No one uses salesmen, pliers or banners nowadays to reach out to an audience or clients.
  • It is all found online on the internet which you can access with a few minutes of search on the internet right from your workplace or home.

The traditional way of marketing has changed to save time, manpower and money for the betterment and so has the auto insurance industry. There are so many vehicles on the road nowadays that one can barely count without losing track of the numbers. Each and every car, truck, etc. on the road needs insurance to run legally. This has caused an increased demand for auto insurances over the years. With so much demand it has caused the number of auto insurance companies to grow over the course of years.

  • This overall increase created a surge for some companies that know the newest way of marketing – on the internet.
  • The internet is what makes most of the auto insurance companies that you know of today reach you.
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