Insurances are categorized into four different categories in general – namely LIFE INSURANCE, HOME INSURANCE, AUTO INSURANCE, AND HEALTH INSURANCE.

How things work today in the insurance industry:

Our company 50 States Insurance leads specializes in all these categories along with other general insurances. Long gone are the days where insurance companies and agents, both part-time and full time; need to go door to door in order to generate or create a client database. When insurance companies first started that was the only way to generate insurance leads. Then with the invention of telephones, the process was much faster compared to back in the day. In 1994 however, with the invention of the internet marketing browser, Netscape things took a drastic change. Suddenly everything was done in much less time; later on, google revolutionized the process.

However, marketing and generating leads is a time consuming and tricky process. New segments were created as a result to ease the process out and it worked wonders. Today people can find new marketing and lead companies in huge numbers, but most of them actually offer less than they claim to offer on their brochures or websites.

Who are we?

50 States Insurances leads is not just a group of highly trained individuals working as a team to generate real-time life, health, auto, and home insurance leads globally. Our global network, partnerships with various clients, companies, influencers, and over 10 years of trust really, as a lead company has made us stand out in generating insurance leads; gathering and sorting a countless number of client databases in the industry. We work over the internet to provide you with the information you need as an insurance company or as an agent in the industry.

What we do:

An insurance company is created to provide clients with insurances and while reaching out to a huge amount of client’s can shrink your profits to huge extents, we have got you covered for quite a save. Both money and manpower, but most importantly the time. Integrated technologies in our framework sort out only the leads which are guaranteed to generate a good amount of revenue for your betterment, so you can work and spend more on research and development. Above all don’t forget to give yourself a little break for the time you save by working with us, your body and health need it.

Why us?

We have our operations spread in most parts of the country to help our clients with any sort of problems with the leads provided by us though for the way we provide the service it rarely happens. Over the past 10 years, 95% of our clients have given us positive feedback and continue to work with us to date. We really stand out in what we do – selling insurance leads at great affordability which is of more value to you as a company or agent. We can offer such affordable prices because of our experience in the industry and by following and creating the latest trends. Get in touch with us for we have the most structured data available when it comes to insurance leads and, buy them at affordable prices.