Life is precious and nobody knows what can happen to a person anytime, anywhere. The safety and security of the loved ones is anyone’s priority. Life insurance is hence, undoubtedly one of the most sold insurances in the world let alone be the US. People often buy more than one life insurance to ensure the maximum safety of well being of their family and loved ones. And in today’s digital era people mostly search for life insurance online and compare prices from several companies. It is a huge market with a lot of competitors and it can often become difficult for agents and insurance sellers to get hold of genuine life insurance leads regularly. But modern problems have modern solutions and a lot of lead providing companies like 50 States Insurance Leads are selling bulk leads at affordable prices to make things a bit easier for the agents. The leads can be brought in bulk from our wholesale lead marketplace and is a great solution for agents and brokers trying to revive their fortunes.

About us: 

Our unique proprietary technology and various marketing methods have made us one of the best lead providing companies. We generate leads nationwide The company owns and operates several online marketing channels along with the services of affiliate marketing channels. This helps us to establish a huge presence across several platforms and reach out to the maximum number of customers regularly. This way we can generate tons of real-time life insurance leads. We reach out to the customers regularly to get to know the needs and requirements of people as they always keep on changing. We use our in-house web properties to generate many insurance leads for agents nationwide. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and our vast experience and methods constantly deliver great leads to our clients. Agents always look for life insurance leads that are affordable and easy on the pockets. We make sure to sell the leads at affordable prices without burning a hole in the pockets. This way the agents don’t need to worry about losing their money on bad investments and can get peace of mind.

Reasons to buy from us: 

Agents should always invest their money in the right life insurance leads. At 50 States Insurance Leads our team works on generating exclusive life insurance leads with chances of closing.

  • Agents no longer need to worry about losing their money and get a fair return on their investment if the next proceedings are done properly. Our bulk leads at the best prices is sure to yield positive results.
  • IP verified leads: All the leads that we sell are IP verified. The professionals at the company make sure that all the life insurance leads have a valid US IP address.
  • Phone Connectivity: Communication with potential clients is made a lot easier when you buy leads from 50 States Insurance leads. We make sure to sell leads with 100% phone connectivity all across the country.
  •  Lead Scoring: We can sell the best and exclusive life insurance leads because of the lead scoring services we use.


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