The insurance industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with millions and millions of people buying insurance regularly all over the world. The United States is also one of the leading markets for insurance companies and sellers. The insurance sales have notably increased in the last few years. With an ever growing auto industry and the undying love of humans for cars, the auto insurance sellers are enjoying a good market and raking in high sales figures. This is what the scenario looks from the outside.

If you take a closer look on the inside you will get to see a lot of competition and complications. There are numerous insurance sellers and multinationals as well who rake in most of the business. In this situation, things are quite difficult for small scale agents and brokers and they find it hard to survive in such a crowd. Selling itself is difficult. Add to it the efforts to get hold of proper leads which comes very seldom. With the Internet in everybody’s hand, people do their searching and comparing online. They ask for auto insurance quotes from several companies and choose which one is the most suitable for them. This leaves the agents and brokers out to dry even with demand in the market.

What if there was a way to change this situation?

What if the agents could buy genuine and real-time auto insurance leads that would have chances of conversion?

Things would get a lot easier, wouldn’t they?

Well, in this great country everything is a business opportunity. And to make the most of this situation, lead selling companies have evolved and become a crucial part of this entire system. So let’s understand what lead selling companies like 50 States Insurance Leads actually do.

To put things in simple terms, we sell insurance leads in bulk to the agents with relevant information and contact details. A lot of people might think that companies could just be selling names and numbers and make the agents lose money. But all these assumptions are wrong if you are buying leads from experienced ad trusted companies like us.

We own and operate several online marketing channels and have tie-ups with other affiliate marketing channels as well. This enables us to monitor the activities related to insurance searches and queries. From several platforms, we are able to collect the names and details of the interested customers. After reviewing them and judging them to be genuine we sell them through our wholesale lead marketplace at very affordable prices. We maintain a constant presence and work on increasing it, even more, to bring more and better auto insurance leads.

Agents can easily buy these exclusive auto insurance leads which are IP verified and have a 100% phone connectivity to establish easy communication.

So there’s the answer to the problem we were concerned about. Hopefully, this helps agents nationwide to get hold of real-time auto insurance leads and improve their sales as well. Get in touch with us to know more about our operations and our success rate as provided by our huge customer base.

Stop worrying. Start selling!