The number of licensed car drivers in the US is growing every year. Presently there are more than 200 million of them. Which means the number of cars are also very high. And every car has to have auto insurance. With an increase in accidents and damages, auto insurance is a must. Thus it is a huge market and has an entire industry dedicated to it. But there are several insurance quote sellers and getting a genuine leads could be difficult many times. With most of the people comparing quotes and prices over the internet, a strong online presence is necessary to get hold of the potential insurance shoppers. Many insurancelead providing companies have thus emerged into the scene selling leads in volume, to make the job easier for agents and brokers of all scales.

50 States Insurance leads: Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the leading and most trusted lead providers in the country. Several years of experience and presence on various social media platforms along with online and affiliate marketing channels enable them to generate tons of exclusive auto insurance leads regularly. They own and operate many online marketing channels to reach out to the vast customer base regularly and get to know their needs and requirements. This also helps them to provide genuine leads that would be easy to sell to. Professionals at 50 States understand the needs of the agents and provide them bulk leads at an affordable prices through their wholesale lead marketplace. The use of unique technology makes them stand out in the business benefiting several agents, brokers and insurance companies.

Why choose 50 States:

Agents paying money would be looking for leads that give them positive results instead of just buying some names and numbers.

  • With 50 States insurance leads, you get exclusive auto insurance leads from all 50 states it a has high chances of conversion. And all of it without burning a hole in your pockets.
  • IP verified leads: Due to the online operations, we are able to generate and sell leads that have a valid US IP address. Get the best auto insurance leads generated from genuine people.
  • Phone verified leads: Communication and connectivity with the leads are essential to take proceedings forward. All the real-time auto insurance leads we sell have 100% phone connectivity to make things a lot easier for the agents.
  • Lead scoring: Using third party services we score all the leadsto ensure the quality and then sell the leads.

With all this methods, 50 States Insurance leads can generate more than 5000 car insurance leads on a daily basis. Agents buying leads from us have been highly satisfied and continue to do business with 50 States. Mental satisfaction and peace of mind are ensured when you buy leads from us.

So if you are an agent struggling to get hold of genuine leads in this highly competitive market, then get in touch with 50 States and transform your business. You get the best leads in bulk at an unbelievable prices, which is sure to make you come back for more.