Health is Wealth. But trying to keep good health in the US is such a wealthy affair. With a lot of world-class medical facilities on offer, the US might be the best country to get all the proper facilities, but that often comes with a huge price tag. For an average citizen, the only way to get around this is the benefits offered by health insurance. This means there is an open market to serve and sell millions of potential clients.

But to find the right kind of customers is a tricky job indeed. Mainly because of the way people search and buy insurance these days. Gone are the days when insurance companies had to rely on telecalling, face-to-face meets, and all other kinds of advertisements. The internet had changed the landscape entirely. Now the potential customer can sit back and surf the internet to find the most relevant insurance for him/her based on the premium they are willing to pay and also the benefits they get in return. Comparing two or more policies from different sellers can also be done with a few clicks only.

Needless to say, it has become necessary for Insurance companies to establish a strong foothold in the online marketplace. Engagement and pursuing the right kind of clients is the 2nd phase. The internet opened a vast array of a consumer base for the insurance sector companies, and we help them engage with the best kind of clients possible.

50 states insurance leads

50 states insurance leads is a lead generating company. With years of experience under our belt, our team works hard to provide the sellers with the best possible leads. We provide a bulk amount of leads through our wholesale marketplace. We have a specialized mechanism to sort our leads based on their search history, reach and their spending capacity, thus making our leads hold the most value for money. With an extensive network in the market and partnerships with various medical agencies, hospitals, and agents, we have a reach that is unmatched in the market.

How do we operate

With our motto to be the best in what we do, our team works tirelessly to connect with various hospitals, medical professionals, marketing channels, and more. This results in generating the best possible leads to offer our clients.

Why us?

We are always trying to increase our reach and make our online presence felt. Gathering databases from various sources help us with the potential customers and sort them out based on the lead score. Our lead scores are based upon their responsiveness and their revenue statement. We make sure that all our leads have verified US IP address and have stable phone connectivity, making sure you get the best out of them. We use the internet to provide all our leads, helping businesses to save precious hours. We also help our clients establish their online foothold and guide them to increase their reach.

So, if you are willing to reach heights in the health insurance sector, we will be the most important key to unlock your business’ true potential.