What is one saying that we hear since our childhood, from our grandparents to our parents? Health is wealth. Probably one of the most common and truest phrases on Earth, health is indeed wealth. With all of the changes around us and the induction of various new diseases, it is in our best interests to keep ourselves safe and protected. People all across the US have increased buying health insurance as a result. And with things being digitized and internet reaching everybody, most of this searching happens online. It could often become pretty tough for agents and small-scale insurance sellers to get potential leads, let alone convert them, in this highly competitive market. 50 States Insurance Leads is a lead providing company, dedicated to generating thousands of exclusive health insurance leads regularly. We sell these leads at very affordable prices through our wholesale lead marketplace and help out to the agents with their jobs.

All you need to know about us:

Agents throughout the country trust our services as we provide genuine health insurance leads with great chances of conversion at unbelievable prices. Using unique proprietary technology, online and trusted affiliate marketing channels and presence on several social media platforms, we are able to generate tons of leads from all across the country. With several years of experience and a lot of satisfied customers, we are only continuing to grow bigger and better. We operate several owned online marketing channels to reach out to the audience regularly and get to know what they are looking for. People look for the best quotes for health insurance, compare prices and even purchase online. A good online presence comes in handy to get hold of more real-time health insurance leads. Agents, struggling to find proper leads in this competitive market have nothing to worry about anymore. At very affordable prices they can now get bulk leads that make their jobs a lot easier.

Why choose us: A lot of agents often end up investing money in just buying names and numbers with no feasible results. This is certainly not desirable. With us, you get the best real-time health insurance leads from all across the country.

  • IP verified leads: To ensure that the leads are genuine we only sell leads with a valid US IP address.
  • Phone connectivity: Communicating with the possible leads is an important part of selling and we make sure to sell leads that have a 100% phone connectivity. This makes things easier for our clients.
  • Lead scoring: We often use third-party lead scoring services to pick out the cream from amongst so many leads and then sell them to our clients. This way they get the best leads at very reasonable prices.

All your worries about getting hold of genuine leads can now be forgotten easily. Get in touch with us immediately if you looking to change your sales figures for the better. Buy real-time health insurance leads from us just like our several other esteemed clients and see positive results coming your way.