Getting new customers is difficult in any business and the insurance industry is no stranger to that. Even with a population as big as that of the United States, companies and agents often find it pretty hard to get hold of genuine and exclusive insurance leads. There are so many players in the market and the big ones make the most of all their resources to corner out a chunk of the market. A lot of companies and agents therefore depend on lead selling companies and buy leads in bulk at affordable prices. They can then try and convert them and increase their sales. Agents and corporations avail these services to extend their sales and make things easier.

Lead providing companies have optimized websites which appear high on searches when people search for online quotes. Online searches have increased greatly in the last few years with the majority of the population having access to a smart device and an internet connection. Buying insurance has become easier and can be done sitting at home with just a few clicks and input of some information. This has also encouraged more people to buy insurance after receiving quotes from multiple companies and comparing the policies and prices.

Companies are therefore generating most of the leads today with online and affiliate marketing and other such methods across various online platforms.

50 States Insurance Leads:

Over the last decade, we have emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable leads selling companies, nationwide with a great increase in our operations over the years as well. As a buyer, every company and client look for insurance leads that are genuine and have chances of closing.

At 50 States Insurance Leads, we work day in day out to generate the maximum number of insurance leads from across various platforms using proprietary technology and marketing methods. With the help of several owned online marketing channels and tie-ups with various affiliate marketing channels and other sources, we are able to generate thousands of exclusive insurance leads daily. Many agents lose money by buying low-quality leads which don’t yield results.

Why choose us?

As we have mentioned before, no company or agent wants to lose their money by buying leads which do not yield something considerable. Trust and success rate are two great factors that companies generally look for. We have been known to deliver the best leads in the market in bulk through our wholesale lead marketplace at very affordable prices.

All the real-time insurance leads we sell form all across the country have a verified and valid US Ip address and  100% phone connectivity as well, which makes reaching out to the customers a lot easier.

We generate thousands of real-time insurance leads daily which provides the agents with greater sales. With a growing list of satisfied clients, we are focused more than ever to deliver even better services.

Get in touch with us today to know and understand more and increase your sales significantly.