Life insurance is one of the most highly sold insurances nationwide with thousands of people buying life insurance regularly to keep their loved ones safe in case of an unfortunate demise. Very rarely people also choose to buy more than one life insurance which is all the better for the insurance industry.

The Internet has given the consumers great power. Anyone with a device and an Internet connection can easily search for life insurance and get numerous results. They can ask for quotations from different companies and compare the prices and benefits before choosing the policy. Companies and sellers with a relevant online presence and activities can easily sell and make the most of all the demand. However, there are several agents and brokers who do not have an online presence and miss out on most of the leads. Things often get difficult with the lack of leads.

To make things easier for the agents and brokers, several lead selling companies have emerged who constantly work across several platforms to collect leads from the entire US. Agents and brokers can easily buy leads in bulk from our wholesale lead marketplace at very affordable prices.

How we operate!

At 50 States Insurance leads we own and operate multiple online marketing channels besides having tie-ups with many affiliate marketing channels as well. Our operations help us to regularly reach out to a large number of crowd and gather potential life insurance leads, nationwide. We also put in extra focus and efforts to states with a higher demand to make the most of it. It is our priority to expand our online presence and reach out to customers regularly to generate more and more exclusive life insurance leads. Our team constantly works on analyzing and researching to find what the people need and hence are able to provide quality leads. As a buyer, anybody will look for leads that have chances of selling to. And we try our best not to disappoint our clients in that regard.

What makes us stand out!

Very often agents and brokers end up investing money in buying false leads that are of no use. With an experienced and trusted company like us, agents do not need to worry about it at all. Several clients over the years have found great success by buying leads from us.

  • We ensure that all the life insurance leads we sell have a valid and verified US IP address to make sure that the lead is genuine.
  • Communication with potential customers is important and that is why we sell leads that have a 100% phone connectivity to make things easier for the agents and brokers.
  • We are able to get the best leads due to the use of third-party scoring services. This gives you an edge over other sellers in the market if you play your cards right.

All this and much more from a reliable company for over 10 years. What else should you be looking for? Nothing at all. Buy genuine life insurance leads from us and see your fortunes change.