The need for automobiles is irreplaceable in today’s world given the busy lifestyles and schedules. With a fast-paced life, the rate of accidents has also increased in the country. The insurance sellers have received a great boost in sales with an increase in the number of insurance buyers nationwide. Independent agents and small-scale companies can often find it difficult to get hold of genuine auto insurance leads. Most people these days search for insurance and compare prices from different companies. Online platforms and marketplaces are a great place to get exclusive auto insurance leads. But tapping those leads becomes impossible for the agents and brokers. Companies like 50 States Insurance Leads have thus come into existence by selling bulk leads to agents at affordable prices and make things easier for them. This helps agents and insurance sellers to just focus on selling ensuring better results and improved business.

A little about us:

At 50 States Insurance Leads, we own and operate across several platforms. We own several online marketing channels and also work closely with affiliate marketing channels to reach out to the maximum number of people. This helps us to generate exclusive auto insurance for agents on a regular basis. Our websites collect all interested leads using SEO and also sell them on to the insurance agents and brokers. To get the best results we identify what people love to search and collect the necessary information. The online buyers try to get different quotes from various companies and evaluate them before making any decision. So the Internet is the key to business these days and we make sure that dedicated efforts are always put in to improve our services and to reach out to a higher number of clients. With several years of experience and trained professionals working day and night to generate exclusive auto insurance leads for agents, we have emerged as one of the most trusted and dependable lead providing companies nationwide. Agents and brokers can easily buy leads in bulk at affordable prices from our wholesale lead marketplace. Our use of unique and proprietary technology makes us stand out and makes the investment by agents worth it.

Why buy from us:

We offer exclusive auto insurance leads for agents that have brought success to several agents nationwide, over all these years. With us, agents and brokers don’t need to worry about losing their money by investing in just names and numbers.

  • IP verified leads: Due to the online operations, we are able to generate and sell leads that have a valid US IP address. Get the best auto insurance leads generated from genuine people.
  • Phone verified leads: Communication and connectivity with the leads are essential to take proceedings forward. All the real-time exclusive auto insurance leads we sell have 100% phone connectivity to make things a lot easier for the agents.
  • Lead scoring: Using third party services we score our leads according to interest and sell leads after that.

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