The love between humans and automobiles is unmatched and unfathomable. Since the inception of automobiles, they have fascinated humans to a great extent and that is the reason why several companies are manufacturing new models regularly. Such is the demand. There are over 200 million cars in the US and the number is increasing rapidly with so many options and schemes, enabling a majority of the people to buy cars. Along with cars, people also need to buy insurance as they are necessary. This increases auto insurance sales as well.

With an ever-growing auto industry and the undying love of humans for cars, the auto insurance sellers are enjoying a good market and raking in high sales figures. This is what the scenario looks from the outside.

But, things are a lot different than how it looks from the outside.

Due to so many sellers trying to sell auto insurance, it becomes very difficult for agents and brokers to get hold of proper leads as most of them are converted by bigger companies, even before the agents and brokers could contact them. In spite of the demand for insurance, these agents suffer due to lack of proper leads which again leads to low sales figures and a lot of problems pertaining to that.

However, there are companies that sell auto insurance leads in bulk to make things easier for the agents and brokers in this tough market.

50 States Insurance Leads is one such company that has been in the business for quite some time and has helped several clients over the years to improve their sales.

As you know, with the Internet at everybody’s disposal, people do most of the searching and shopping online. And that includes auto insurance as well. It is very easy to ask for quotations from different companies and compare them. All they need to do is search for auto insurance. this has definitely benefited the end customers and companies selling insurance with a relevant online presence.

The ones without an online presence thus miss out on the majority of the auto insurance leads.  What we do is, own and operate several online marketing channels as well as have tie-ups with affiliate marketing channels. We can monitor the activities related to insurance searches and queries and generate leads from them. We reach out to the customers regularly across various platforms to get to know their needs and accordingly count them as a potential lead. With our operations we are able to generate thousands of auto insurance leads in a single day itself.

To ensure that all the leads we sell are genuine and that the agents do not lose their money, we only sell leads with a valid US IP address. Along with that, we make sure that all the auto insurance leads we sell have a 100% phone connectivity. We also use third party scoring services to get hold of the best leads and sell them in bulk.

Agents struggling to find proper leads can buy auto insurance leads in bulk from our wholesale lead marketplace at very affordable prices.