Health insurance is undoubtedly one of the largest sellers in the insurance industry. With almost everyone opting for health insurance, the market is vast and if proper leads are worked on, there are great chances of conversion and boosting business. However, there is a lot of competition as well. The agents face a lot of competition from different companies and things can get a bit difficult for them at times. With all the changes made to health insurance in the past few years, more and more people are shopping online for health insurance. The potential customers also look for experienced and trustworthy agents to take care of things for them without any hassle. Many lead generation companies are tapping these potential customers and reaching out to them after which they are able to sell these leads to interested agents, looking to improve their performance and sales. 50 States Insurance leads is one such company selling several exclusive health insurance leads in bulk at very affordable prices.

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What makes 50 States stand out:

Nobody wants to waste money on something which won’t give any returns, especially when it comes to buying leads. A lot of agents face the problem of losing their money by purchasing leads that are of no use.

  • With 50 States insurance leads, agents get the best health insurance leads at prices that are sure to amaze. The leads are genuine and yield great results.
  • IP and Phone verified: All the leads they sell are IP verified. It is made sure that they sell exclusive health insurance leads with valid US IP addresses. Along with this, the leads have 100% phone connectivity to make communication a lot easier.
  • Scored Leads: Lead scoring facilities are used to filter out the best leads. This ensures that the agents and brokers lay their hands on the best and most interested clients.

With an impeccable track record and lead generation history, our leads surely stand out. Generating over 4000 real-time health insurance leads daily is not a matter of joke. So stop worrying about getting genuine leads and avail their services at unmatched prices to turn things around