There are several ways today by which people can buy insurance. So many sites and places to look from. People can easily buy insurance in just a few minutes. With so many portals and sites to buy insurance from, things have become easy for consumers. We also need to keep in mind that there are numerous insurance sellers, all running after the same leads. And among these sellers, there are multinational corporations as well with a great online presence, who eventually get most of the business.

What can the agents and brokers do?

Well, there are numerous agents and brokers nationwide, who do not have ample online presence and therefore miss out on plenty of leads. Despite the demand for insurance, these agents suffer due to lack of proper leads which again leads to low sales figures and a lot of problems about that. This makes their survival in the market difficult and leaves their jobs in jeopardy.

What is the solution to that?

Well, to every problem there is a solution in this great country. The same applies here as well. Lead generation companies like 50 States Insurance Leads sell leads in bulk at affordable prices to the agents and brokers. They can easily buy a lot of genuine auto insurance leads from our wholesale lead marketplace without burning a hole in their pockets.

How do we generate the Leads?

You might wonder the way by which we can generate hundreds of real-time auto insurance leads regularly.

Well, to put things simply. we own and operate several online marketing channels to expand our presence and reach out to the maximum amount of crowd. We also have many tie-ups with affiliate marketing channels to expand our reach even further. With an ever growing online presence and more effective ways to generate leads, we can easily fulfill the requirements of agents, nationwide. Maintaining a great online presence is essential to reach out to the customers regularly to know their needs better. Our team puts extra focus for States that have shown a higher sales rate for auto insurance to make the most from that area. We are constantly expanding our reach to generate more and more exclusive auto insurance leads.

Why buy from us?

There are many lead selling companies in the market that would try to sell just some names and numbers. This makes the agents and brokers lose their investment without any considerable return or benefit.

But with us, you don’t need to worry about that. We make sure to sell genuine auto insurance leads only. To make sure that the leads we sell are genuine and the agents don’t end up losing their money we offer the following:

  • IP verified Leads: All the auto insurance leads we sell, nationwide come with a valid and verified US IP address.
  • Phone connectivity: Communication with potential customers is important to take things further. To make it easy, we sell leads with a 100% phone connectivity.
  • Lead Scoring: Using third party services we score our leads to be able to sell the best ones in the market.

All this and much more. There are many reasons to buy from a company that has over 10 years of experience.

So, waste no more time, and get in touch immediately to know more and buy leads at unbelievable prices.