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The last few years have seen a great surge in the number of home insurances being sold. Blame the natural calamities or the impending changes that we are about to brace, people are buying more and more home insurance to preserve their assets and their abode. More and more people are looking up insurance prices and asking for quotes online while buying home insurance. Agents can find it difficult at times in this scruff and neck market as the lack of genuine leads can really affect their sales and their jobs as well. 50 States Insurance Leads is here to help out the agents and brokers in need by selling genuine and high quality leads at prices that will blow your mind.

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  • Scored leads: We score leads using third party scoring services before selling them to ensure high chances of conversion.

All these and great results have made us one of the best lead providing companies in the US. With several years of experience in the bag and constant development of our methods, we continue to deliver leading home insurance leads regularly. Our methods help us to generate thousands of home insurance leads daily that serve our clients purposefully. Agents don’t need to worry about losing their money when they buy leads with us. With high chances of conversion, you are most likely to get a higher return on your investment. Agents can stop worrying about getting leads and focus more on selling them now.

Exclusive and  Shared Home Insurance Leads

Exclusive and shared home insurance leads are two types of leads commonly used in the insurance industry to connect insurance agents with potential customers interested in purchasing home insurance. While both types of leads have their advantages and disadvantages, understanding the differences between them is crucial for insurance agents looking to optimize their lead generation strategies.

Exclusive home insurance leads refer to leads that are sold exclusively to one insurance agent or agency. This means that the agent who purchases the lead is the only one who has access to the contact information and details of that particular lead. Exclusive leads are often considered high-quality leads because they have not been sold or shared with multiple agents, reducing competition and increasing the chances of conversion. Exclusive leads also allow agents to personalize their approach and tailor their offerings to the specific needs and preferences of the lead.

On the other hand, shared home insurance leads are leads that are sold to multiple insurance agents or agencies. These leads are often more affordable compared to exclusive leads because the cost is shared among multiple buyers. Shared leads can provide agents with a wider pool of potential customers, but they also come with increased competition. Agents who purchase shared leads need to act quickly and effectively to stand out from other agents who are also pursuing the same lead.

Ultimately, the choice between exclusive and shared home insurance leads depends on the specific goals and resources of insurance agents. Exclusive leads offer the benefits of reduced competition and higher conversion rates, but they can be more expensive. Shared leads, while more affordable, require agents to be proactive and efficient in their follow-up to secure conversions. Agents should evaluate their budget, sales capacity, and target market to determine which type of lead best suits their needs.

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