Health is wealth is possibly one of the truest sayings ever. With a drastic change happening around us and with the advent of several new diseases, it is best to keep oneself insured. Health insurance is thus one of the biggest segments of the insurance industry. Many people often choose to buy more than one health insurance and insurances for their families as well. This creates a huge market for insurance sellers and agents. But in such a competitive market it can get difficult at times for agents to get hold of genuine leads regularly, let alone converting them. Here comes in companies like 50 States Insurance Leads who gather leads from several online platforms and sell them to the agents at affordable prices. This makes the job of agents a lot easier. Most of the people search for things online these days. A lot of people are looking for quotes on various sites online and looking to buy the best possible insurance.

Leading the way with leads:

50 States insurance leads has been one of the leading lead providers in the country for over 10 years now. We provide insurance leads to agents and brokers through nationwide at affordable prices and with effective results. Using unique proprietary technology, online and trusted affiliate marketing channels and presence on several social media platforms, we are able to generate tons of
real-time health insurance leads. We generate leads nationwide. We use our in-house web properties also to generate many insurance leads for agents nationwide. Our experts are working constantly to increase the online presence to come across the best leads. People look for the best quotes for health insurance, compare prices and even purchase online. A good online presence comes in handy to get hold of more exclusive health insurance leads. Attracting more customers means a higher demand for insurance which leads to an increased lead generation. A lot of agents and companies have been availing our services for successful results. At very affordable prices agents can get bulk leads through the wholesale lead marketplace and change their current situation.

Why choose us:

A lot of agents often end up investing money in just buying names and numbers with no feasible results. Nobody wants to waste money on something which won’t give any returns, especially when it comes to buying leads.

  • We generate thousands of real-time insurance leads daily to serve our clients better. Better presence over several websites and marketing channels enables us to provide a lot of unique leads.
  • IP verified leads: To ensure that the leads are genuine we only sell leads with a valid US IP address.
  • Phone connectivity: Communicating with the possible leads is an important part of selling and we make sure to sell leads that have a 100% phone connectivity. This makes things easier for our clients.
  • Scored Leads: Lead scoring facilities are used to filter out the best leads. This ensures that the agents and brokers lay their hands on the best and most interested clients.

With our exceptional track record and satisfied clients, we stand out and help our agents stand out as well. We generate over 4000 health insurance leads regularly which is certainly not a matter of joke.