When it involves finding good quality health insurance leads online, you need to have a company whom you can trust on to provide you with the proper leads. While several different genuine insurance leads companies like us concentrate on obtaining leads from the internet, many provide dead-end insurance leads which will make any agent’s job far more difficult. At the worst, these leads can waste a significant amount of your time, while in many cases they’ll even have a dramatic effect on your mental health.

As the proverb goes, time is money. The last thing any insurer wants is to travel through an inventory of bad leads and finish the workday with nothing to point out from it. With fresh data from 50 States Insurance Leads, you will find only the very best quality information regarding potential insurance policyholders. Up-to-date insurance leads are instantly prepared from online insurance searches and sent to our clients, who can then use these high-quality results to find the business they need. Within the blink of an eye, agents and insurers can’t only acquire solid health insurance leads, but also do so while saving a lot of time.

What to Expect?

The modern digital age has brought with it an ever-increasing number of users who are going online and have begun doing most of their insurance leads searches over the internet. Conveniently, the huge amount of information gathered from these researches make us believe that insurance leads which are easy to filter for any agent are something that everyone is searching for. Having the ability to look through potential clients consistent with variables like existing health conditions, age, employment, legal status, or other factors allows agents to specify and sort out their clientele in regards to their demands and specifications.

Few of the Advantages You Get When You Choose Us

  • We help you save your valuable time while you get only the best health insurance leads from us. The same keeps you away from hassles like preparing a cold calling script, maintaining spreadsheets of important clients and their specifications, and a lot more.
  • The contact information that comes with our insurance leads is correct. There haven’t been many complaints regarding the same, and you get to connect quickly to someone genuinely interested.
  • A wide range of customizations is available on our leads. You get to filter and look for that package which will suffice your purpose, and that is going to provide us satisfaction, at the same time.


Not only does the common health insurance leads face an elegant maze of management and regulations, but there are also different sorts of other difficulties concerning the health insurance leads available to the agents. Here you’ll buy exclusive leads for major health insurance, policy plans, or short-term health insurance plans. Some of our clients even qualify for subsidies while the rest gets several other benefits. Once you buy exclusive health insurance leads, you’ll specify certain criteria to make sure that the customers you speak with qualify for the plans you offer.