Millions of people buy new cars regularly in the United States. With so many companies regularly launching new models that continue to amaze humans, the sale of cars goes on incessantly.

And buying car insurance is mandatory which in turn leads to a high sale of car insurance, nationwide. And given the demand for car insurance, you would expect the sellers and agents to have a good time by getting ample leads and converting them to sales. But nothing in this world comes easy. Does it?

The agents and brokers often suffer from the lack of genuine car insurance lead in spite of all the demand in the market. This again has various reasons and the agents or brokers can’t be blamed.

There are too many sellers in the market with multinational corporations as well with a lot of resources at their disposal. They are able to get most of the leads and convert them leaving behind very few leads for the other agents and brokers.

Another reason why these agents and brokers suffer is the lack of a proper online presence. Now, why is a proper online presence important to get hold of genuine car insurance leads?

Well, most people do their shopping online these days as the Internet is in everybody’s hands now. They can easily search for the kind of insurance they need and ask for quotations from different companies. After that, they can compare the prices and benefits of the policies and choose the suitable one accordingly. The agents and brokers without an online presence miss out on the majority of the leads for this reason. A proper online presence would have enabled them to get hold of the leads as well.

This is where companies like 50 States Insurance leads comes in and helps out the agents by selling bulk leads at affordable prices.

Buying exclusive car insurance leads from us gives the agents and brokers a great return on their investment and peace of mind.

So how do we manage to generate real-time car insurance leads in bulk on a regular basis?

We own and operate several online marketing channels besides having tie-ups with a lot of affiliate marketing channels as well. With the help of these, we are able to spread across various platforms and reach out to the customers regularly to know their needs better. After monitoring various sites and platforms we are able to pick out the ones who are interested in buying car insurance. We constantly work towards expanding our reach to be able to generate such high amount of leads regularly.

We make sure that all the leads you buy from us are totally genuine. We sell car insurance leads only with a valid and verified US IP address. Besides this, we make sure that all the exclusive car insurance leads we sell have a 100% phone connectivity to make communication easier. We also use third-party scoring services to score our leads and sell the best ones through our wholesale lead marketplace.

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