The demand for auto insurance:

The current federal law requires all registered cars, trucks, buses and all other road vehicles to have insurance to run legally on the roads. So, in case there is an accident you get your money back to fix your car and also to process your life insurance if there is any wound, such as a bone or tissue damage. Now, car accidents and wounds are not something I really want to talk about but it is a real possibility. There are roughly 6 million car accidents in a year in the United States of America alone, which is approximately 16,483 cases per day, in the US alone. Well, it already scares me thinking about what the numbers add up to, all over the world; but let’s just go with more than what most of us made last year. So, let’s change the topic and talk about how we get saved.

Because of this, and the ever-increasing, never-ending demand for new cars the demand for auto insurances has also taken a steep rise in the insurance industry. This has, in turn, boosted the amount of new auto insurance leads being generated daily by almost ten times over the last 10 years.

50 States Insurance Leads:

Now, we 50 States insurance leads are one such company generating auto insurance leads, but what sets us apart from the rest of our competition? Over 10 years of experience, endless partnerships with various insurance and auto companies; dealerships, agents and much more. We made sure when we founded the company that we become the best in this particular field and we work extremely hard each day to achieve that goal.

What is so different while working with us?

The older ways of generating auto insurance leads consume a lot of time, money and manpower. Moreover, you need more commodities to make it all work properly. Now, buying commodities for a business is not exactly as good as buying assets, because it doesn’t pay you back, but while you leave us with the responsibility of generating leads for you, we work more like an asset.

To make the statement clearer, you don’t need to buy any commodity while working with us neither do you need to invest in manpower or agents when you want to generate real-time auto insurance leads. We work in a different way to generate the leads that you as a company or as an agent need to run your business smoothly and grow it. We work directly with the auto industry to generate real-time auto insurance leads so that each new customer for the auto industry turns into one of yours.

Our improved framework and reach are helping us and those who work with us grow exponentially and we are looking forward to working with new companies too which will, in turn, prove beneficial for both of us. Let’s turn the old school boring way of generating leads into an exciting and faster one. Contact us for more information, join us to reshape the new generation of marketing and insurance leads. We look forward to it.