With nearly 16000+ road accidents in the US alone, the federal law makes it necessary for every registered vehicle to have insurance to run legally on the US roads. If we add up these everyday cases, it will account for nearly 6 million cases every year. That means 6 million customers waiting to get served every year. The auto industry is spread like a network all across the globe serving millions of customers. Though the automobile market has taken a hit due to the ongoing pandemic and slow rise of the economy, the insurance sector is still thriving. This is mainly because insurance is renewed every year. That roughly means that every year millions of customers are searching the web for reliable automobile insurance.

These days people have changed their way of insurance shopping, the internet provides them with all the necessary information relevant to them. From getting the quotation from any insurance provider to comparing them with various other services providers, everything can be done sitting on a couch.

So, it has become necessary for any auto insurance sellers to possess an online charisma as well. The domain to be explored on the internet is vast and never-ending. Any seller must connect with the right kind of customers. Finding genuine leads is the first step to put the first foot in this market. That’s where we come into the picture.

50 States Insurance Leads:
50 states insurance leads is a market leader with 10 years of experience up our sleeve. We provide bulk leads packages at the wholesale marketplace. By sorting out the leads based on their responsiveness and the revenue generated, we provide the most value for money when it comes to owning assets. We cater to almost every client’s needs by maintaining a huge network of various insurance and automotive dealers, agents all over the nation. To become the best in what we do, we work tirelessly every day to achieve that dream.

What differentiates us from the rest?
With a motto to simplify every business, we have a state of the art lead scoring mechanism, which will sort out the best leads possible. Lead hunting in the old conventional way can be tiring and least, hugely inefficient. But the internet age comes and saves the day.

With a reach that is unmatched in the industry, we can gather the leads from various sources to match the industry standard. We work relentlessly to make your lead hunting easier than ever before, by gathering databases from all over the country and providing you with what you need over the internet. In a way, your business can save precious hours, and spend them evaluating new business ideas to enhance growth.

If you are planning to ride the tide in the auto insurance sector, connecting with us will only make your journey to the top easier. From securing the best leads to creating the much needed online presence for your company, we will be there to guide you through.