They say home is where the heart is. And it is a dream for everyone to own their house. But just owning a house isn’t enough. It also needs to be insured and protected. More so given the current environmental situation. People all across the US are now buying home insurance on a large scale and most of the searching and receiving quotes happen online. There are however several insurance companies and agents trying to sell home insurance. In this competitive market, it often becomes difficult to get hold of potential leads that have chances of conversion. This brings in lead providing companies like 50 States Insurance Leads which use several marketing methods and unique technology to get hold of quality leads. These leads are sold on our wholesale lead marketplace at very affordable prices with great results for the agents and brokers.

50 States Insurance Leads:

Due to our incredible service and great leads, we are one of the top lead providing companies in the US serving agents and brokers all across the country. We constantly operate several owned online marketing channels and also take the help of affiliate marketing channels to reach out to the maximum number of audience. Our online presence and unique technology help us to generate exclusive home insurance lead with great potential. Agents are often tricked into paying money for just some names and numbers portrayed as possible leads. They end up losing their money that way. So buying leads from a reputed and experienced company always makes much more sense. As an agent, you obviously wouldn’t want to lose money given you are having problems to sell due to the inadequacy of leads in the first place. We reach out to the customers regularly to understand their needs and requirements. This also helps us in sorting out the potential leads to be sold to agents.

Why should you be doing business with us: 

  • Getting genuine leads in such a competitive market is very difficult. With 50 States you get real-time home insurance leads in bulk and at very affordable prices. This not only ensures peace of mind but is also very easy on the pockets.
  • IP address verified: To ensure that the home insurance leads are genuine we sell leads that have a valid US IP address.
  • Phone connectivity: Just buying the leads won’t be enough. Agents need to able to reach out to them to initiate further discussions. That is why all the leads sold by 50 States have a 100% phone connectivity.
  • Scored leads for the best results: We use third-party lead scoring services which helps us sell genuine leads consistently.

So if you are an agent struggling to find real-time home insurance leads in this competitive market, 50 States Insurance Leads is the solution to all your problems. Get in touch with us to know more about our services and how we have been making things easy for agents over the years. Invest your money in the right place by buying leads from us and see them work wonders.