They say home is where the heart is. And everybody needs a roof over their heads to live peacefully and happily. Homes may be small or big but all of them need to be insured in case of natural calamities, disasters or accidents. Losing a home can be a massive blow to anybody and it is best to get in insured. With that being said, there are several home owners in the United States. Maine is a state with several homes and therefore a great demand for home insurance.

In spite of all the demand for home insurance with so many properties coming up regularly, several agents find it very difficult to gather genuine home insurance leads due to various reasons.

With the advancement of technology and the Internet reaching everybody, everything happens online these days. Most people search for home insurance online and get quotations from different companies. They can easily get comparisons between different policies and choose the one that suits them most.

  • There is also a huge competition in the insurance industry as there are so many sellers including multinational corporations as well.
  • The ones with an online presence are able to get hold of leads but the ones without it are suffering and having a tough time in making ends meet.
  • To help the agents and brokers and to make a business out of it, several lead selling companies are operating in the market.
  • 50 States Insurance Leads is a company that has been in this business for around 10 years now with great success.
  • We sell leads through our wholesale lead marketplace at affordable prices from all across the country. We put focused attention on States that generate more leads like Maine.
  • So a lot of you may wonder how we are able to generate home insurance leads in Maine while agents and brokers operating on the field are failing to.

Well, we own and operate a number of online marketing channels to spread out and gather leads from several platforms. We also have tie ups with a number of affiliate marketing channels to maximise the reach. We are able to monitor the activities and queries regarding insurance and get information about them. Our operations enable us to generate hundreds of home insurance leads in Maine which we sell in bulk eventually. Reaching out to the customers regularly is very important to know more about their needs which keep on changing. We are successfully able to do that leading to such a high rate of lead generation.

To make sure that the agents get genuine home insurance leads in Maine, we sell leads that have a valid and verified US IP address. Besides this all the leads we sell have a 100% phone connectivity to enable easy communication.  We also use third party scoring services to get the cream of the leads and sell them.

With us several agents and brokers have found success over the years and are continuing to do so.

So if you are looking for exclusive and real-time home insurance leads In Maine, get in touch with us and buy leads in bulk. Turn your fortunes around even in this competitive market.