What is possibly the biggest industry that never suffers losses no matter what the condition of the economy is? Healthcare is the answer. People will need to avail of medical services as long as humans exist. And the insurance industry reaps its benefit as well. Millions of people buy health insurance in the United States and that is a reason why health insurance is one of the most highly sold.

Now you might think, then why doesn’t everyone become an insurance agent if things are so good. Just like any other industry this one also has its bad side. Apart from the fact that there are a huge number of insurance sellers nationwide, including multinational corporations as well, there are also other reasons why things have become difficult for insurance agents and brokers. Getting proper leads is the main problem that agents and brokers face. With everything being digital these days, most of the people search for stuff and check prices online. The same applies to insurance as well. It’s very convenient to check the prices and compare them after receiving quotes from various companies. Amidst all this, the agents miss out on most of the potential leads and struggle to maintain considerable sales.

In this great country, every problem gets a solution and everything is a business opportunity. To help out the agents lead selling companies have come up who operate widely over several platforms and sell potential leads to the agents. 50 States Insurance Leads is one of the pioneers in this business and we sell leads through our wholesale marketplace at affordable prices for everyone.

To put things in simple terms, we sell insurance leads in bulk to the agents with relevant information and contact details. A lot of people might think that companies could just be selling names and numbers and make the agents lose money. But all these assumptions are wrong if you are buying leads from experienced ad trusted companies like us.

We own and operate several online marketing channels and have tie-ups with other affiliate marketing channels as well. This enables us to monitor the activities related to insurance searches and queries. From several platforms, we are able to collect the names and details of the interested customers. After reviewing them and judging them to be genuine we sell them through our wholesale lead marketplace at very affordable prices. We maintain a constant presence and work on increasing it, even more, to bring more and better auto insurance leads.

To ensure that the leads we sell are genuine we take care of a few things. All the real-time health insurance leads we sell nationwide have a valid US IP address along with 100% phone connectivity to make things easier. We also use third party scoring services in order to get hold of the best leads and sell them to our customers.

A lot of agents have found success after buying leads from us. Get in touch to know more and join them with a surge in your sales figures that too without burning a hole in your pockets.