There are several insurance agents and brokers who are struggling to survive amidst so much competition. They mostly suffer from lack of genuine leads and that’s where all the troubles start. The United States is a country that sees millions of people buy health insurance annually. There is a lot of demand for health insurance nationwide due to the various benefits that it offers. Some states like New York, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, Vermont, etc show a considerably higher demand for health insurance and are good markets for sellers. In spite of all this demand, the agents and brokers are struggling to get hold of proper health insurance leads, let alone convert them.

What is the reason for this?

Well, the answer lies right in front of our eyes. The immense amount of competition in the market is the main reason. There are numerous sellers that include multinational corporations as well who are loaded with resources. They make most of the sales.

Another reason for the lack of leads is online operations. Most people these days do everything and buy everything online. They can easily search for health insurance and get quotations from different companies and compare the prices and benefits before choosing something. Since a lot of people are buying insurance online, the agents and brokers without a relevant online presence are suffering from a lack of genuine health insurance leads.

What is the solution?

Lead selling companies like 50 States Insurance Leads is the solution to the problems of struggling agents and sellers. We operate online and generate thousands of exclusive health insurance leads on a daily basis and sell them in bulk through our wholesale lead marketplace at very affordable prices.

How we operate:

A lot of you might be wondering how we operate so as to be able to generate tons of real-time health insurance leads.

Well, we own and operate multiple online marketing channels and also have tie-ups with several affiliate marketing channels. With the help of these, we constantly monitor potential customers based on their queries across several platforms. After closely reviewing them we classify them as a possible lead. Our operations are ever-expanding with a goal to reach the maximum traffic possible. We constantly reach out to the possible customers to know their needs better and serve the agents and brokers better as well. Our dedicated team also puts in extra efforts in States that show a higher demand for health insurance. Our extensive operations help us to generate over 4000 exclusive and real-time health insurance leads daily.

Why should you buy from us:

A lot of agents lose their money by buying useless leads from random companies. This creates a notion that buying leads will end up in a bad way only.

With us, you don’t need to worry about all that.

We make sure to sell genuine health insurance leads only.

To make sure of that we sell leads that have a valid and verified US IP address besides having a 100% phone connectivity to enable easy communication. The use of third-party scoring services also allows us to sell the best health insurance leads. And all this at very affordable prices.

Wrapping up:

So if you are worried about a lack of genuine health insurance leads, get in touch with us and start selling!