Protecting your home and keeping it safe in case of disasters, accidents, and damages are very important to preserve your interests and loved ones. But without home insurance, it might often get very expensive to repair your house from the damages and stuff like that. This is why thousands of people buy home insurance on a regular basis. In today’s time of digital marketing and social media, people are shopping for home insurance online to get the best ever quotes. They can easily compare prices from different sellers as well and compare the benefits before choosing a suitable policy. Although the Internet has made things easier for the consumers, it has made selling difficult for a lot of agents and brokers without a relevant online presence. Due to the lack of a proper online presence, they are unable to get hold of real-time home insurance leads.

What is the solution to this?

Lead selling companies like 50 States Insurance Leads are constantly operating across several platforms and generating leads regularly. We sell these leads in bulk to the agents and brokers at very affordable prices. Several agents and brokers who have bought leads from our wholesale lead marketplace in the past have found great success and are happy with the results.

How do we manage to generate leads regularly?

Well, online operations are very important in today’s world to get hold of exclusive home insurance leads. At 50 States Insurance Leads, we own and operate several online marketing channels besides having tie-ups with various affiliate marketing channels as well. Due to such a wide presence across various platforms, we are able to reach out to a huge crowd and are able to get hold of the interesting ones. We reach out constantly to the potential customers to know their needs better and deliver better leads to the agents. With our operations we are helping numerous agents and brokers nationwide, to get exclusive home insurance leads at affordable prices. We offer the best leads in the market at the lowest prices and this gives the agents freedom and peace of mind.

We sell genuine leads only!

We know that many agents often end up losing their money by buying just some names and numbers. But with us, you are guaranteed to get genuine leads and there is no fear of losing the money you have put in.

  • We provide the most genuine leads at minimal prices if you do business with us. A constant flow of insurance leads is guaranteed.
  • All the home insurance leads sold by us are IP verified. We do this to make sure that every lead we generate is genuine and has a valid IP address.
  • All the leads we sell have a 100% phone connectivity as well to make communication easier between the agents and the customers.
  • At 50 States Insurance leads we use all the lead scoring best services of a third-party to score real premium leads. By doing so, we are able to sell the best home insurance leads in the market.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us or visit our wholesale lead marketplace to get the best results and increase your sales considerably.